A keyboardist, a guitarist, a singer and we promised you delightful music to your ears! The musicians of Musique are familiar names in the industry.


    • 1keyboardistEzekiel Saik is a full-time piano coach and a free-lancing music arranger. Saik runs his music teaching business at his own studio in Greenlane, Penang. Saik’s teaching experience had started in 2001,profoundly teaching contemporary gospel music in church , when he was just 14. Saik also went for a music synthesis course at Hitz Recording Studio. He also began to perform publicly with difference bands. The following year , Saik started his teaching career at Yamaha Music Accademy as a piano teacher , which spans 3 years before starting music classes all on his own which continues until today. Upon finishing his course at Hitz. Saik had travelled to Taiwan and was offered the role as a concert tour music programmer for Landy(温岚) by Again(蔡科俊), a famous producer in Taiwan whom is the musical director for Jay Chou’s concert and events. Later in 2009, Saik was the album arranger for the production of Great Empire Entertainment(大将之风). The same year , Saik went to Lee Wei Song’s Music Academy(李伟松音乐学院) in Singapore for an interview and was offered a sound engineering job. Saik also won a lot of “Original Song Composing Contest” in Singapore and Malaysia as a music arranger . Once again, Saik was offered a job at the 101 Studio (AIM Award winning audio production facility) in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
      Saik also took part in the Malaysia Gospel Music concerts . Also as a music arranger for gospel music band like Sand , Soul Works and many more. He also involved in the Cinematic Industry by arranging the theme song of “Pasar Malam(无敌鸳鸯笑夜市) with Soon.
    • 2GuitaristPzH, This music composer and arrranger was born in Penang. PzH was once Warner Chappell ‘s music composer and now having his own copyright company called “Befun”. He has great experiences composing for music library,commercial advertisement, corporate video, event function and even movie. He composed song for Fish Leong and arranged song for Candy Cheah. PzH and Lim Chia Chia are great partner in composing theater music. They won ” The Best Original Music” in ADA Awards for “HOCK” 2010 and “Duo Duo, The Little Monster” 2012.


  • 3SingerLim Chia Chia, Lim was born and bred in Penang. She loves music and drama and involve in performance since childhood day. Lim graduated from Malaysia Science University (USM), major in piano performance, minor in theater. She is a music and drama educator, script writer and music composer.
    During school day, She was one of the recipient for the YAMAHA Music Scholarship in Asia 2002. She had Piano recital in Penang in 2007. Lim and her partner PzH won “The Best Original music” in ADA Awards for theater called ” HOCK” (2010) and ” Duo Duo, The Little Monster”(2012). The latest music composition for drama is ” The Day I Met The Prince” , a children theater produced by The Actor Studio in 2014.
    Lim was the 1st runner up winner in Malaysian Starsearch 2002 by NTV7 and Mediacorp, hence, represented Malaysia to Starsearch Final Competition in Singapore. As an actress,she was nominated as The Best Supporting Actress in ADA awards 2006. As a script writer, she won The Best Script Writer in ADA Awards 2004 for a theater called ” Paradise”. “Duo Duo, The Little Monster” was also nominated as The Best Children Theater Script Writer.


  • 4SingerAlexandra Bevy Lee, loved(s) singing, dancing, and acting from the time she discovered that one is able to do such things. She has been performing in different occasions since young. She has also taken ballet lessons for 11 years now. Alexandra loves opportunities given to her to perform. She has taken part in singing competitions in her primary school years, and also performed for occasions in her secondary school years. Alexandra has been involved in the church’s worship team since the age of 9. She has taken part in Youth Jam’s Talent Search in 2011 along with her friends and together, they won that first prize. And just last year in 2013, she took part in a five-day Broadway program organized by the Malaysian and US Embassy during the Georgetown Festival. Alexandra is also a part of a Gospel band known as SAND. She is currently home-schooling and working toward pursuing her dream of being a performer.
  • 5Singer Experience :Drum and guitar teacher in YAMAHA Music School for a year in 2010
    Musicale performance with teachers in “Galaxie” music competition 2010
    Started Singing Career in Café , Pub , Wedding And Company Functions since September 2012 as drummer , guitarist , vocalist
    Guitarist And Vocalist in Star Cruise Gemini around Asian for 6 months in 2013
    Champion in Z-classroom singing competition 2012
    King of PK among all the PK contestants in K-BOX KING 2013
    1st Runner up “Voice of Penang” 2014
    Top 10 Finalist “ Voice of Malaysia ” 2014
    Invited as a judge for Leo talent quest 2014
    2nd Runner up “ Mega Super Idol ” 2014
  • 6SingerKayle Thean (KeiKei) had been exposed on stage performing since she was in primary school, and then came to realize that being on stage had brought so much fun to her life. She joined choral speaking, choir, somg composing, dancing and singing throughout her study years, and had been actively performing in cafes and wedding gigs since 2009.She started singing as her part time job in Kuala Lumpur,but her passion towards performing did not cease when she decided to expand her career in Penang. Being inspired by the musically talented father, Kayle started to learn guitar in church and also collaborate with peers from the same industry. ‘simplicity’ is best to describe her voice and performance.

About Us

Musique is the upcoming band set to take on the industry by storm.

The flexible and professional band is well-versed in various genre of music like pop, gospel, jazz and soul. May it be for wedding, anniversary, birthday or any other occasions, rest assured that guests will be entertained with live music while our band manager will work closely with you to ensure a most special occasion.
May it be lively, playful or romantic, the musicians of Musique can play to your tune.
We are also able to play and sing to both Chinese and English songs. If you are looking for band that can also play Christian songs, Musique is definitely the one to call as are poised to be the only Christian band in Penang. Musique can add that memorable twist for you and your guest as well as to glorify God!